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Other Services


Got Hounds? Foxboro Company has built some of the finest kennels in the area. With over 20 years experience, we can help you build the kennel of every dog’s dream. We design and build kennels for quick, easy cleaning. Having a kennel that is quicker an easier to clean gives you more quality time with your dogs. Available in any size with a large number of options, Foxboro Company kennels will be the talk of every dog in the area! Call Us Today!

Guard Rails

Let Foxboro Company install your W-Beam or wooden guardrails for private sector uses, such as in shopping centers, parking lots, and driveways, or surrounding buildings, culverts, and retaining walls.

Farm buildings

From Hay sheds to pole barns, let Foxboro Company can build all of the buildings for your farm. No project is to big or to small for Foxboro Company.

Raised Garden Bed

Let Foxboro Company install your garden beds.